About the Artist

Emerging artist based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Katie Leahul is a self-taught emerging artist who resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and their two beautiful sons.

She was born and raised all over Alberta, from Calgary to Bonnyville and everywhere in between.  With that came the continuous influx of new experiences and new people.  Her art has always brought her to a centered place of honest expression and a sense of home.  Katie has been painting and creating since a very young age, she says “Painting has never been just a hobby for me, I paint because I have to.”

Katie’s earliest work draws on inspiration from Picasso, Braque, and the Cubist movement.  She has continued to evolve her practice over the last two decades, and her unique geometric style has been described by others as a revitalization of cubism.

Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, her process involves extensive layering of shapes and colours combined with expressive drop painting.  The subject matter she works with can vary from still life to the vast landscapes of places she has travelled throughout Alberta and Canada.

“For me, it’s about the process of creating. I aspire to reflect complex thoughts and ideas into something that sparks a personal response.  My cubist style and vivid colour palates are vulnerable expressions of my own personal experiences”. 

Katie’s passion for artistry, and love of colour and design inspires her to create spirited paintings with an underlying esoteric structure.

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